The Caribbean Community Charitable Foundation of BC

We are very pleased to announce that BCOCCA has recently been successful in obtianing official charity status from the Federal Government. We now begin work in the months and years ahead to provide a vehicle for members of the Caribbean diaspora and others to support our organization's overall objectives.

BCOCCA's newly established affiliate/entity is the  -"Caribbean Community Charitable Foundation of BC"  CRA #72187 6506 RR0001

We hope to soon allow online support for this worthwhile initiative.  


Executive and Charity Consultant

 BCOCCA Executive Meet with Charity Consultant to Establish Charitable Status

L-R Grafton Rouse (Secretary), Natalie King (Director), Mikael Bingham (Consultant), Neville Thomas (President) 



A Letter From our President

Our Charitable Organization Constitution

Our Certificate of Incorporation