Black History Month

In my opinion it can be summarized as follows:
  • A Window of History and Legacies for us to Learn from.

  • A means to educate ourselves about those who came before us and are with us – their dreams, their accomplishments, and their survival.

  • Understanding where we came from and how the past impacts the present, which is a necessity to dream and to create meaningful change and survival.
  • It is often heard that we are not responsible for where we came from, but surely we are responsible for where we take ourselves and the impact.
  • Its message and understanding need to be an on-going celebration consideration, and not only during the month of February, annually.
  • BHM needs to be an on-going awareness celebration, with the necessary tools and resources to learn, understand and educated about those who were before us, who are here with us, so that can collectively dream, celebrate accomplishments, make the needed change, to strive and survive, now, and in the future!


By: Neville A. Thomas